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It’s not uncommon for site owners to discover that someone has created a site with similar content and a domain name that sounds similar.
"My team is the main asset," every second entrepreneur thinks so.
An option to enter into a contract and a preliminary contract for the purchase and sale of an interest are the same thing
Of course, the question of how to get rid of paper business has been asked for a long time, but in the context of the pandemic, it has become acute.
In late April, the Cabinet supported the relevant bill, sending it, however, for revision. What to expect from the future law?
Sooner or later, investors leave even the most successful startup.
There are very few personal lending sites in Russia (P2P), but the investor still has the opportunity to choose a platform that will provide him with a higher return than the deposit. However, such investments are quite high in risk.
Lawyers write a lot about the fact that when creating an online store or any online service, you should first of all work out the legal aspects and place the necessary documents on the site.
In the wake of interest in cryptocurrencies, many projects one way or another connected with the crypt have emerged, including stock exchanges and cryptocurrency exchangers. Of course, this is accompanied by many risks. Let's see what you can really be held accountable for.
Having seen enough of the American series like "Silicon Valley", many got an idea to start option programs for the team. An option contract implies the right to an employee to receive a share or interest in a company if certain conditions are met.


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