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We assist in launching digital and internet projects and in solving non-standard tasks

We solve business tasks, and not mere contract drafting

We solve the following tasks:
  • Launching investment and financial platforms (P2P, P2B);
  • Launching aggregators and marketplaces and other e-commerce projects;
  • Registering IP rights, protecting intangible assets;
  • Structuring of VC and investment transactions;
  • Resolving corporate disputes;
  • Preparing option programs;
  • Choosing tax incentives for digital and IT projects;
  • Preparing and implementing Project Due Diligence.
Business education:
  • Corporate training;
  • Accelerator, business incubator and technology parks software;
  • Webinars;
  • MOOCs;
  • Short-term seminars.

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+7 (495) 120-28-16 info@zarlaw.ru
Consultant is available on business days, 10:00–19:00 Moscow time